EDyP Lab

Biomedical Proteomics

the Biomedical Proteomics group aims to develop robust proteomics pipelines for the phenotyping of patients through in-depth characterization of biofluid proteomes, the identification of new biomarkers and the improved comprehension of pathogenetic mechanisms. 


Integrative Omics

Integrative omics to study gene expression regulation Gene expression is regulated in part by the incorporation of histone variants and by the dynamic modification of histones by various chemical groups. This double layer of regulation can be studied using proteomics. To confidently carry out such analyses, we established a database...

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Plasma Biomarkers

Plasma biomarkers MS-based proteomics is particularly well-suited for identifying specifically and measuring accurately the abundance of protein biomarker candidates. During the last quinquennial period, EDyP team has implemented and optimized an integrated pipeline This biomarker development pipeline was harnessed internally to complete research projects in the field of hepatology (Dr...

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