EDyP Lab

A step-by-step description of what’s involved when you apply for an analysis request.

Analysis requests are open either to academic and industrial labs. Our pricing depends on the way the results are promoted.

How to contact EDyP-Service to discuss your request.

With over 20 years’ expertise in the field of proteomics, the team at EDyP provides the scientific community with a range of state-of-the-art technologies. The services platform is IBISA-accredited, and offers high throughput characterisation of proteins and proteomes. A broad panel of services is offered, both for discovery and targeted proteomics. The range of services is regularly enriched with new techniques developed by the laboratory’s R&D teams.

Among other services, we offer

  • Protein identification
  • Characterisation of protein complexes
  • Characterisation of post-translational modifications (phosphorylations, acetylation, disulphide bridges)
  • Relative protein quantification
  • Absolute protein quantification
  • Bioinformatics-based data analysis