EDyP Lab

Technological Innovation

The EDyP team has established a strategic and local collaboration with CEA LETI, a world-leading institute in microelectronics, to adress challenging and breakthrough research projects at the interface between technology and biology. 



Immunoassays are used for decades in clinical laboratories to quantify proteins in blood samples. However, MS-based proteomics analysis has recently appeared as a promising option to assess panels of protein biomarkers and provide protein profiles useful for health state monitoring. Nevertheless, the translation of MS-based proteomics into the clinics is...

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This project aimed to push back the limits of mass range detection using Nano-Electro-Mechanical resonators (NEMS). NEMS were developed for various applications in electronics including tiny actuators and accelerometers. Their size and integration capabilities make them attractive as individual particle measurement devices. Mass sensing applications of NEMS were proposed as...

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