Toxoplasma Gondii

Elucidating strategies developed by Toxoplasma gondii to orchestrate immune evasion and lifelong persistence in hosts

Identification of parasite factors able to subvert activities of the host, principally focusing on nuclear proteins such as transcription factors, and modulation of the epigenetic status of target genes, leading to reshape the host genetic program. We aim to study the modus operandi of these effectors and particularly their possible implications in immune evasion and parasite persistence. In this project, EDyP develop specific strategies to notably:

  •  characterize interactomes from selected candidates,
  • compare in-depth proteomes of host cells infected with WT and mutant toxoplasma strains,
  • analyse post-translational modifications on a global proteome scale (notably acetylome).


EDyP project leader

Yohann Couté

INSERM engineer

Head of the Proteomic Application Department, EDyP-Service Manager


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Image credit: Yale Rosen/Flickr.