Modelling Mixotrophy in the extremophile alga Galdieria sulphuraria

Galdieria sulphuraria is a photosynthetic microalga isolated in volcanic zones. This acidophilic and thermophilic alga is characterized by a high metabolic flexibility as well as by a high biomass productivity. G sulphuraria is able to grow in phototrophic and heterotrophy regimes as well as in mixotrophic conditions. The molecular bases of these unique performances are still largely unknown. For this reason, the Momix project proposes to understand the molecular mechanisms of Galdieria growth as a step towards achieving maximum biomass for biotechnological applications. This will be achieved by high-throughput screening (photosynthesis, growth) of different strains under photo / mixotrophic conditions. Comparative genomics, proteomics as well as metabolic analyses will make it possible to reconstruct in silico the metabolism of G. sulphuraria.


EDyP project leader

Myriam Ferro

CEA Researcher


  • ANR (ANR 2017 – DEFI 2 – PRCI; 2018-2021)

Image credit: Mike Goad de Pixabay