EDyP Lab

Data Science

the Data Science group strives R&D projects in the field of computational proteomics. Several open source software (e-Pims, Proline, ProStaR, ProteoRE) were conceived and allow to master efficiently the successive steps from MS data acquisition and management to meaningful result production and biological knowledge extraction. These computational and bioinformatics tools promote the quality, significance and transparency of MS-based proteomics data.



Proline Proline is a landmark software suite for quantitative proteomics allowing to collect, process, visualize and publish proteomics datasets [Bouyssié et al., Bioinformatics in revision 2019]. Proline is developed in partnership with ProFI members (Strasbourg, Toulouse) under the coordination of EDyP. Compared to existing tools, it combines in a unique...

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ProStaR ProStaR, is devoted to the statistical analysis of label-free quantitative proteomics data produced by bottom-up LC-MS/MS experiments. Prostar project has two complementary aspects. First, it gathers numerous independent methodological research works in biostatistics to improve the processing of label-free relative quantitative proteomics data. These improvements concerns both specific processing...

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ProteoRE The development of ProteoRE (Proteomics Research Environment) is an online research service to assist biologists/clinicians in the interpretation of their “Omics” data, including proteomics data. With the increased capabilities to produce MS-based proteomics data, the bottleneck has shifted to the functional analysis of specific proteins to the full exploitation...

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